Pass Plus

Pass Plus Driving Lessons with our Instructor in Aberystwyth, Wales.

So once you’ve passed your driving test, how about doing Pass Plus with a DVSA registered Pass Plus instructor?

Statistics show that due to lack of experience new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years of passing their test than at any other time in their driving career.

The aim of Pass Plus is to teach newly qualified drivers to gain more experience and confidence in areas that may not have been covered previously.

Here’s how it works…

We will focus on:

• Motorway / Dual Carriageway driving lessons
• Driving techniques and hazard awareness lessons
• Night driving lessons
• Town & City driving lessons
• Driving on rural roads

What do you get from it?

• Better driving skills
• More chance of lower insurance
• Less chance of a collision or injuring yourself, friends and others

It is also possible if aged 17 to 25 that you will qualify for Pass Plus Cymru so the bulk of the cost will be covered by the local council therefore only costing you £20.

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